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Sample Projects
Our applications provide easy to use interfaces designed to the client's style and business requirements.

We commonly use Microsoft Access and Visual Basic to create the interface whilst the back end database can use either Access, SQL Server or other database.

All systems can employ role based security to control user access and user privileges.

Solutions containing Customer data can be linked to or even synchronised with Sage 50 Accounts data and Sage Construct (and other accounts packages also) to provide a central point for managing Customer and Supplier records to avoid any duplication of effort.


Sample Projects from our Development Portfolio

Below is a sample from our team's Development Portfolio of "shrink-wrapped" applications. These applications were developed either directly for the client or subcontracted to us by a main contractor and have been designed and developed to meet specific business needs, be intuitive and simple to operate plus secure and robust.


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Purchase Order & Budget Analysis System for the Construction Industry

  • Project Cost Analysis

  • Purchase Order System

  • Single-Click to Email PDF Orders

  • Single Portal for Client/Supplier Data

  • Integration With Sage 50 Accounts

  • Integration With Sage Construct

  • System Security with User Logins

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Paint Formulation System

  • Find and Produce a Paint Formulation

  • Support for Automated Dispensing Machines

  • Label Printing

  • Email PDF Formulations with Single Click

  • Creating New and Customised Formulations

  • Flexible Formulation Search

  • Customer Details, Contacts, Notes, Pricing & History

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Back Order Management System for Sage 50 Accounts

  • Review All Sales Order Items on Back Order

  • Report with Filtered List of Back Order Items

  • View all Purchase Orders for Stock Item

  • Create Customer Delivery Notifications

  • Email Customer Delivery Notifications

  • Review All Purchase Order Items on Back Order

  • Report Sales Back Orders Waiting for a Specific Stock Item

  • View Full Sales & Purchase Back Order Details

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Construction Project Quotation System

  • Create Quotations for Large Projects with Multiple Complex Fabrications

  • Ability to assign an Array of Additional Costs for Fabricated Items

  • Store Related Documents Locally

  • Integration with Schucal+ to Import Fabricated Item Specifications & Drawings

  • Integration with Aconex On-Line Document Management Service

Service Contract Management System

  • Site Detail & History

  • Site Equipment Survey

  • Customer Detail & History

  • Post Sales Orders to Sage 50 Accounts

  • Sales Order Management Facility

  • Raise Quotes & Export to Word

  • Quotation Management Facility

  • Management Reports

  • Customer Feedback Monitoring

Network Security Reporting Package for Large Enterprises

  • Full Data Management of AAA Server Log Files and Data.

  • Automated Data Import and Archive.

  • Comprehensive Reporting on Network Administrators and Network Device activity.

  • Reports Can Be Emailed or Posted Directly to an Intranet.

  • Users Include Intel, Pfizer, Ford, BT, Lego, TNT and nearly 300 other corporate companies.

Personnel & Training System

  • Full Personnel functions with staff details, leave and sickness records.

  • Training System to plan/review future requirements and keep history of all training provided, create training events, issue joining instructions and produce a training schedule.

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Lifting Gear Sales & Hire System

  • Full Stock Control

  • Delivery Notes, Sales Orders, Hire Notes, Test Certificates

  • Automated Invoicing

  •  Full Reporting

  • Integration With Sage Line 50 Accounts

Budget Analysis System

  • Sage Line 50 Accounts “Add-On” Budget Facility

  •  Fully Automatic Synchronisation With Sage Nominals & Departments

  • Allocate Budgets at Departmental Level for Each Nominal

  • Run Departmental Profit & Loss and Analysis Reports with Budgets,   Actuals and Variance.

  • Current Month and Year to Date Options

Courier Bookings System

  • Client, Rider, Vehicle and Charge Rate Details.

  • Production of Consignment Notes.

  • Visual Management of Bookings and Active Jobs.

  • Weekly Batch Invoicing to Clients.

  • Weekly Batch Payments to Riders.

  • Integration with Sage Line 50 Accounts.

Contacts, Bookings & Administration System

  • Complete Contact Management System integrating with email, internet mail, network fax, Word and Excel.

  •  Bookings System to manage tutors and course bookings, issue course reservations, confirmations, joining instructions and client invoices.

  • Administration System to manage software/hardware logs, course documentation, mail shots, fax shots and produce financial reports.

International Transport Day Book & Pay Roll System

  • Day Book to comply with legal regulations for recording daily work completed for vehicles and drivers in the fleet.

  • Additional features to aid logistics planning.

  • Automatic generation of driver pay sheets.

  • Integration with Word, Excel and Sage Line 50 Accounts

European Sales Quotation System

  •  System to produce client quotations for client’s 100,000+ product codes.

  • Users easily create, print and store quotations.

  • Product descriptions can be output in English, French or German.

  • Prices can be converted from US$ to any European currency.

  •  Quotations are constructed in Word (using Word Basic from within Access) so users can easily amend the quotation, if required.

  •  Import facility allows direct import of “client supplied” product codes, in Excel format, to produce a quotation.

Paper Manufacturer’s Sales & Marketing System

  • Collect and analyse market data.

  • Track enquiries and orders.

  • Simple form driven interface to allow complex searches using over 20 fields.

  • Integration with Word and Excel.

Contractor’s Job Costing System

  • Job Costing system for tiling of new build houses.

  •  Tiler job sheets.

  • Supplier purchase orders.

  •  Client invoices.

  •  Profit & loss analysis.

Distributor’s Contact Management & Sales Order Processing

  • Contact management for telesales staff.

  •  Integrates with Sage Accounts for checking customer aged balances.

  • Franchise allocation to telesales staff and Franchise filtering.

  • On screen completion of Sales Order with Discount Control.

  • Unlimited Price Books allow each client or franchise to have unique prices for all products in range.

  • Direct integration with Sage Line 50 Accounts

Power Station Safety Valve Maintenance System

  • Records details of safety valves and their maintenance history.

  • Provides easy-to-use search interface to find valve errors in any specified range and filter by size, model, manufacturer and craftsman.

Corporate Training & Development Analysis System

  • Tool for Human Resources department to analyse the results of nearly 2000 staff training and development plans.

  • Structured reports to analyse by need, solution, owner and department.  

Corporate Statistical Analysis of Management Feedback

  • Analysis of feedback from management questionnaires.

  • Graphical comparison of managers’ self assessment versus the average response of their subordinates.

Corporate NT Roll Out Reporting System

  • System to collate data from various sources and produce management reports.

  • Analysis of applications in use by departments and users.

  •  Roll Out Schedule.

  • Training Plan.

  •  Engineers’ and Aftercarers’ Plans.

  • Progress Reports.

Building Contractor’s Works Order & Invoicing System

  • Produce works orders for issue to workmen.

  • Track progress of works.

  •  Produce client invoices.

Industrial Contractor’s Suppliers & Training System

  • Maintain supplier records with products & services supplied.

  • Track supplier inspection dates.

  • Search facility to locate suppliers by product or service.

  • Maintain details of staff training.

  • Track compulsory training / testing is completed by target dates.

Kent Police Staff Skills Database

  • Enter details of staff skills and courses attended.

  • Search for staff with specific skills.

  • Set dates for staff appraisals or review of tenure.

  • Track appraisals due or outstanding.

Independent Financial Services Client System

  • Full details of corporate and private clients.

  • On-line completion of regulated forms for common financial products.

  • Full history of investments and insurance policies.

  • Diary system and automatic renewal notices.

  • Complete management of company pension schemes.