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Lifting Gear Sales & Hire Administration System with Sage Integration

Below are some screen shots of the system with brief captions. If you think this system might be suitable for your business then please contact us for licensing information.

Purpose: Designed to manage the entire process of the sale and hire of lifting equipment. The primary objective is to reduce the administration time in producing quotations, sales orders, delivery notes, test certificates and invoices which, when produced manually,  require a significant amount of effort. 


Single point of entry means that once the quotation has been created the same details are used as the basis for the subsequent stages and all printed documents; i.e. orders, delivery notes and invoices can be created at the touch of a button.

This system has indirect links to Sage whereby invoices are exported to a data file for Sage to import.

Follow the Complete Sales Process...

Easily create a new Sales Job and select or create a customer and delivery address;

Add items to the order by selecting them from a list. Prices and descriptions are entered automatically for you. Just enter quantities and any discount. The system will warn if items are not in stock;

Once the order is complete the stock is Allocated. The Delivery Note and Test Certificates are generated at the press of a button; (examples further down page)

This is the 'on screen' Delivery Note. This detail is printed onto multi-part forms that have the lines, borders, company details and logo pre-printed;

The system will allocate ID Marks and print a Test Certificate for each item that requires them. Certificates are printed to plain paper in a laser or inkjet printer and have been designed to meet industry regulations;

Invoice the Sales Job simply by confirming the VAT and Nominal codes and clicking 'Invoice';

This 'on-screen' Invoice detail is sent to the same printer as Delivery Notes. All the multi-part documents utilise the same multi-part stationery so you only need one dot matrix printer and one form design;

All items sold are automatically entered the Sales Stock Ledger for traceability and reporting;



The Financial part of the system controls Interim Hire Invoicing and the export of invoices to Sage; (Interim Hire Invoicing will automatically invoice all items on continuing hire. This feature alone saves many hours each week.)

Easily review all the latest invoices prior to export to Sage. Can be run daily, weekly or any other convenient interval;



Clicking "Export" from the main Financials form gives a summary before you commit to the Export. Sales and Hire Invoices are exported plus any new or amended Customer and Supplier records. This ensure Sage is always synchronised with the system;



From Sage, choose File, Import to see the dialog below. This allows the import of the data exported by the Sales and Hire system;

On completion, Sage confirms the details of the import;

We now see the customer's record in Sage, synchronised with the details in the system;

And we can see the newly imported Sales Invoices allocated to the customer's account;


The Hire Process...

The hire process is similar in operation to sales but also accommodates the complexities of On and OFF hiring specific items and tracking returns and interim invoicing. For more details please contact us.


This Sales & Hire System is a real must for any independent lifting gear company. Existing customers estimate the time savings for producing Delivery Notes, Test Certificates and Invoices alone is equivalent to one permanent member of staff. As a result our customers have been able to cope with considerable expansion without employing additional staff and significantly increased the administration workload the original team can handle.