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Key Benefits
Single point of data entry to eliminate duplication effort.

Create Quotations, Orders Delivery Notes and Invoices quickly and easily without re-keying any details twice.

Document progression from Quotation through to Invoice.

Electronically send Orders, Invoices and other details to Sage with no re-keying.

Synchronise Sage customer data with your own database.

Share the data with everyone that needs it.

Control exactly what data users can access and what they can do with it.

Provide quick, consistent, validated data entry.


Could your Business Benefit from a Custom Solution?

Below is a brief list of the common IT issues faced by businesses that often arise out of changing circumstances, business growth and incremental changes over time.

  • Do you maintain the same information in more than one place?  e.g. You might have customer details in your accounts program but also have customer lists in spreadsheets or databases.
  • Do you manually create a series of documents that share the same details? e.g. You might type out a Quotation and later have to retype the same details onto a Sales Order, Delivery Note or Invoice.
  • Do you manually create Quotations, Sales Orders or Invoices because Sage can't handle your pricing structures?  e.g. You may use a combination of price lists and volume discounts in a way that accounts packages don't provide for.
  • Do you manually enter invoices into Sage after creating them with another package?  e.g. You may be creating Invoices outside of Sage for a variety of reasons and then having to re-enter the same details into Sage for accounting purposes.
  • Do you have complex spreadsheets you cannot entrust to others but with data you would like to share? e.g. The data is needed by users that do not necessarily have the skills to maintain the spreadsheet.
  • Do you have problems sharing information in a spreadsheet solution? e.g. Several people need to access/update the same spreadsheet information at the same time but Excel crashes frequently when they do.
  • Do you have issues with duplicate data entry? e.g. Staff often create new accounts that turn out to be duplicates of existing accounts.
  • Do you have issues with inconsistent data entry? e.g. Staff sometimes categorise the same thing slightly differently causing inconsistencies over time.
  • Do you want control who has access to what data and what they can do with it? e.g. Your data needs to be shared but you would like to restrict access based on personnel roles like Director/Partner, Manager, Sales, Administrator, Accounts etc.
  • Have you avoided a structured business solution because you cannot find a suitable off-the-shelf package to fit your business? e.g. You may have found that general packages are either affordable but compromised or too heavyweight and expensive. Either may well require you to significantly change your working practices.
  • Would you prefer an affordable solution tailored specifically to your business needs but using your existing, familiar Microsoft applications?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions then it's likely a custom solution will be of at least some benefit. If you answered 'YES' to several questions then the potential benefits for your business are likely to be compelling with the costs completely offset by savings in time and efficiency.

As a guide, we have several existing customers with 3 or 4 sales/administration staff reporting efficiency savings in the region of at least one full time salary.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation please contact us.