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Purchase Order Administration and Contract Analysis for the Construction Industry. Integration with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Construct.

Purpose: Designed to pull together data from Sage Construct, Sage 50 Accounts and Purchase Order data into a single, easy to use application.

Provides team members with controlled access to project related data held in Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Construct that they would not necessarily have direct access to. They have all the data they require at their fingertips in one application without any specialist training required for the Sage programs.

Below are some screen shots of the system with brief captions. If you would like more detailed information then please contact us.


Key Features;



Contract List (Data from Sage Construct)

Viewing Contract data direct from the Sage Construct program avoids any duplication of data entry. It is also possible to modify the Contract or enter new Contract details here and automatically push them into Sage Construct.


Contract Detail

The Contract Detail page displays data from Sage Construct plus a number of additional fields that extend Construct's own functionality. The lower pane shows a summary of Contract Variations. It is also possible to add new Variations into Construct from here. (Although users require specific permissions for this, they do not need direct access to Sage Construct itself and do not need it installed on their system.)


Variation Detail

The Variation Detail page brings together financial data from Sage Construct and the proprietary Purchase Order system to provide an up to the minute summary of Budgeted, Committed and Actual costs. The lower pane has three areas: Budgeted Costs allows entry of planned costs and the required level of Gross Profit;

The Purchase Orders tab shows a list of orders raised against this Variation (Committed Costs);

The Purchase Invoice tab shows a list of invoices entered into Sage Construct and assigned to this Variation;


View Sage Construct Purchase Invoices

It is possible to view the entire Sage Construct Purchase Invoice without going to the Construct program;


Storing Related Documents

Variations often have a number of related documents associated with them. The built-in Document Viewer provides a simple, familiar interface to view, edit and create documents. The upper pane displays the documents for the selected Variation whist the lower pane allows network browsing to locate and move/copy other documents into the document folder.

Note that related documents are not stored in the database but in folders on the server. The Document Viewer provides a convenient way to instantly view and manage the documents for a specific Variation.

(The same facility is provided for Purchase Order documents.)


Single Point of Entry for Client and Supplier Records

The system not only integrates data from the proprietary Purchase Order database with Sage Accounts and Sage Construct it provides a portal for maintaining that data to avoid any duplication of effort. Adding or Editing client/supplier data here automatically updates both Sage programs (subject to permissions granted to individual users).

The Client List screen displays data direct from Sage Accounts / Sage Construct;

Details can be edited here and automatically updated in Sage Accounts / Sage Construct;

The Supplier List screen displays data direct from Sage Accounts / Sage Construct;

Details can be edited here and automatically updated in Sage Accounts / Sage Construct;


Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be raised and assigned to Contract Variations. It is simple to assign Supplier and Delivery Details. The order can be printed or emailed as a PDF document.



Users must login to the system system and can use only those screens and features specifically assigned to them by the Administrator.