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Paint Formulation System

Purpose: Commissioned by a paint distributor to provide an easy to use tool for their customers to produce their paint products.

There are quite literally hundreds of thousands of formulations and this application provides simple, flexible options to select a 'known' product (i.e. reproduce a specific known colour) or to find a colour where it isn't known (i.e. find the specific red for a 2005 Ford Fiesta).

Below are some screen shots of the system with brief captions. If you would like more detailed information then please contact us.


Key Features;



Produce a Formulation

The system allows simple selection of paint products from literally thousands of formulations. The user can specify the size and number of tins required to see the components and the quantities of each that are required to produce this 'batch'. The formulation can be printed, emailed as a PDF and even sent electronically to a dispensing machine. Pricing can optionally be displayed as is specific to the selected customer.


Dispense a Formulation

The system has support for sending the formulation in electronic format to a dispensing machine that will automatically dispense and mix the components.


Label Printing

The system supports a number of common label printers to print product labels to be affixed to the tin(s);


Email Formulations as PDF Documents

With a single click the system converts the formulation to a PDF document and attaches it to a new email that is pre-populated with the customer's email address and some customisable boilerplate text;


Creating New and Customised Formulations

This facility allows the user to customise existing formulations to meet specific customer requirements or create completely new formulations.


Flexible Formulation Search

Simple search facility to find formulations for a specific make, model and year of car or truck;


Customer Records

The system provides for maintaining full customer details (which can be synchronised with Sage 50 Accounts), customer contacts and contact notes plus a complete history of paint formulations produced. The customer can also be assigned to one of any number of Price Books so the system automatically displays appropriate pricing;