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Construction Project Quotation System

Purpose: Designed to bring together all the costs associated with large construction projects with multiple complex fabrications into a single tool for the purpose of creating highly accurate and easy to manage quotations.

The system integrates with Schucal+ to import major fabrications as single items (including costs, specs and drawings) and allows an array of other associated costs to be specified.

Below are some screen shots of the system with brief captions. If you would like more detailed information then please contact us.



Key Features;


Project Detail Form

For each project the system provides a tree view navigation system to display all aspects of the project from General Information, Project Items, Costings to Drawings and related documents. This image shows the General Information area;


Project Items

"Project Items" are the major components that require fabrication and the tree view provides a simple method to see all items in a list and select individual items for more detail. (The system can import items created in the Schucal+ fabrication application.)


Project Item Detail

Detailed information can be assigned to each item along with a drawing thumbnail for ease of identification;


Project Item Drawing & Costing

Clicking the drawing thumbnail in the Item Detail form loads a larger image and Costing Pane which allows entry of a comprehensive list of associated options and costs;


Storing Related Documents (on local server)

Projects will have a significant number of related documents associated with them. The built-in Document Viewer provides a simple, familiar interface to view, edit and create documents. The upper pane displays the documents for the selected Project Revision whist the lower pane allows network browsing to locate and move/copy other documents into the document folder.

Note that related documents are not stored in the database but in folders on the server. The Document Viewer provides a convenient way to instantly view and manage the documents for a specific Project Variation.

Accessing Related Documents on Aconex

In addition to storing and viewing local documents the system also provides the facility  to view Aconex documents stored online. A regular administrative task downloads document lists from Aconex and associates those documents with Projects. When a Project is viewed the system automatically shows a list of related Aconex documents. Users can click the document hyperlink which takes them to the Aconex login page and then directly to the required document.